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As the Producers of Concerts, Music Festivals, Motorcycle Runs and Rally's, Notorious Entertainment has managed 100's of events. Beginning with a passion for Riding motorcycles and coordinating fundraisers for many causes, thousands of riders have attended and rode these events in Southern California. Our events are like a Wicked BBQ with all your friends and some of the best entertainment from great musicians in California. "There's nothing like putting on a party for thousands of your friends in your own back yard". The BBQ, the Bands, the Refreshments are just a lot bigger with more tents and fold-out cots for people to sleep in the yard. When the dust settles and sun rises everyone knows they had a kick-ass time with thousands of their closest friends. This is what our events feel like!

As the events got bigger so did the passion for the music that entertained everyone. A passion that has culminated into some great Music Festivals. With Classic Rock, Blues and Country musicians the parties never stops. With the motorcycle and music our events have donated money to many Veteran causes such as the Bakersfield National Cemetery and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Our children causes have included Toy Runs for Salvation Army and Central California Children's Hospital.